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About VeraCept

The VeraCept Intrauterine Copper Contraceptive is a low-dose copper releasing contraceptive device that is placed in your uterus and is intended to prevent pregnancy.

VeraCept is experimental and is being developed as a possible method of long acting reversible contraception. “Experimental” means that VeraCept has not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in the United States.

Is VeraCept right for me?

You might choose VeraCept if you:

  • Want birth control that is reversible
  • Want a birth control method that does not require taking it daily or monthly
  • Want a birth control method that does not involve the use of hormones
  • Want to participate in a clinical study being conducted to determine if VeraCept is safe and effective

How is VeraCept designed to work?

VeraCept is a hormone-free intrauterine copper contraceptive that releases low-doses of natural copper into the uterus.

What makes VeraCept Different from other Copper-based Intrauterine Contraceptives available today?

The most notable VeraCept differences currently being investigated in clinical trials include:

  • A smaller insertion profile
  • A smaller, more flexible and conformable frame
  • Lower copper dosage

Learn more about the VeraCept Clinical Trial

CAUTION: New Drug – Limited by Federal Law to Investigational Use